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Before you buy a cat

When we have chosen our dream breed, it is time to find a cattery and a kitten that we would like, but we wonder if this kitten is in fact a purebred kitten. Currently, there are many unions, clubs, associations, that a person who is not informed does not know where such a kitty should be from.


Below is a little cheat sheet:

Purebred cat - a cat of a given breed with a 5-generation pedigree recognized all over the world.

Pedigree - a document confirming belonging to a given breed. It is a form of a 5-generation family tree. Only a recognized pedigree must have all ancestors with the indication of their color, pedigree number, name and kennel name as well as the logo of the organization.

Organizations - these are unions belonging to FIFe, WCF, TICA and CFA, which themselves belong to the world organization WCC (World Cat Congres) . Only such unions produce real pedigrees.



Characteristic features of a good breeder:


  • Provides all information related to the breed. He matches the cat to the expectations, character and lifestyle of the new guardian. I also offer constant help when you have a kitten in a new home.

  • He is registered with organizations belonging to WCC (World Cat Congres) . Only these catteries have pedigrees that give us 100% certainty of a given cat breed.

  • It allows you to view documents (pedigrees, health books, parents' tests, etc.)

  • Cats are presented at the place where the breeding is conducted. According to the Animal Protection Act, it is forbidden to sell animals outside the breeding place.

  • Breeding is free from FIV and FeLV diseases, genetic diseases and is under constant veterinary control.

  • All cats and kittens are well-groomed, they don't have dirty eyes, ears or the area under their tail, they are in good shape.

  • Produces kittens after a minimum of 12 weeks . Kittens must have two vaccinations, two dewormings, chipped and complete with a complete set of documents (pedigree, health record book and / or passport, purchase and sale contract)

  • All non- breeding kittens are born after the early castration procedure, the duration of stay in the breeding is extended to 16-18 weeks.

  • Has experience and knowledge of the breed standard. The breeder conducts breeding, fulfilling his breeding goals and striving for the ideal standard of a given breed.

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