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Terms of reservation


Terms of booking kittens:


  1. Our kittens leave the cattery after they are at least 15 weeks old with the international pedigree of WCF . Kittens are then after two vaccinations , two deworming , and after castration . Kittens traveling abroad leave catteries with rabies vaccination , in which case the period of stay in the cattery may be extended.

  2. We always sign a contract for the sale and purchase of a kitten / cat.

  3. Before making a reservation, please read the purchase and sale contract in advance, which we are sending by e-mail.

  4. When choosing a cat and wanting to book it, please pay a deposit of PLN 500 to the bank account specified in the contract. The payment of the deposit is tantamount to the acceptance of the conditions in the purchase contract.

  5. The down payment is not refundable by the breeder if the buyer withdraws from the purchase of the cat or the cat is not collected on time.

  6. In the event of a breach of the sales contract on our part, the down payment will be fully refunded to the buyer.

  7. We want our cats to go to loving homes, so we carefully select new owners for them. We reserve the right to change our decision and refuse to sell if for any reason we have doubts (in this case, we return the advance payment).

  8. We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract if you wish to leave the cat in the cattery. In this case, the down payment is returned.

  9. Kittens on the knee (not for breeding) leave the cattery ONLY after the castration in the cattery.

  10. Cats intended for breeding are sold ONLY to kennels registered in associations belonging to WCC and which themselves perform early castration in their kennel.

  11. Kittens intended for breeding leave the breeding farm after the period of breeding observation (about half a year). Kittens must meet the conditions of a breeding cat.


Explanation of the kitten's status:

FREE - Feline is available

  RESERVED - the cat is busy, the deposit has been paid

INITIAL BOOKING - someone is interested in the kitten, but the down payment has not yet been made

BREEDING OBSERVATION - the cat is monitored for breeding and exhibition purposes




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