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We only have longhair female cats in our cattery. Currently there are three females living with us in beautiful and various colors:


Lilac - it is a color from the group of solid or so-called smooth colors. It was created from a lightened chocolate color. The eyes of lilac cats are only orange. The lilac color of fur can change its intensity depending on the season and temperature.

Lilac tortoiseshell bicolor - otherwise known as tricolor. It is a color combination (lilac-cream-white). Such colors occur only in female cats, such as tortoiseshell, due to genetics. The eyes of such kittens are orange like those of the solidi.


Black silver chinchilla - cats with this color, contrary to appearances, have snow-white fur, which is only slightly shaded with black. The eyes are green with black rims around them. The color is characterized by black pads and a brick toe.

Czarne złociste cieniowane - jest to umaszczenie często mylone przez laików z rudym. Jednakże w porównaniu do rudych posiada charakterystyczne czarne znaczenia..

na grzbiecie, łapkach od spodu, oraz na koniuszku ogona przypominając umoczony pędzel w farbie. Dodatkowo koty o tym umaszczeniu posiadają piękne zielone oczy, które niesamowicie kontrastują z ich złotym futrem. 


Each of them, as for a British cat, is characterized by calmness, balance, and a friendly attitude towards other people. They are active members of our family, used to caresses and contact with people.


We intend to expand our cattery with golden and point (blue eyes) females.

We care about diversity in our breeding, obtaining unique colors and striving for the ideal standard of the breed we breed.

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